Sewer Excavation in New City

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United Sewer & Drain provides the New City area’s finest in excavation services — for new installs, upgrades or repairs of your sewer or septic service. As a full service excavation service – we plan your dig, use equipment to dig the affected area, replacing or installing new pipes and necessary equipment and then backfill the trench. We take every precaution to make sure that you, as the property owner have no worries or hassles with regards to your project. Choose the pro’s at US&D to guarantee a job done right at a price that’s fair.  Excavation IS a job best done by experienced professionals: as environmental and cost dangers can be present when digging.

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For your convenience we are located near your property in New City assuring that the right equipment and manpower can be sent to your project — even in emergency scenarios.  At United Sewer & Drain we have the knowledge and experience in your area to provide the proper guidance to make sure that your job is done right (by our staff, seldom using outside contractors).  RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL excavation projects vary from property to property & depending upon the work / problem to be resolved.   Call us today to discusss your sitework and/or excavation needs.

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