Septic Systems

Septic tanks are containers made of concrete, plastic or fiberglass – buried in the ground that filter waste water from your property.   Most septic tanks have a lid to allow for inspection, pumping and maintenance.   After treatment in the septic tank the water is carried by a drain pipe to a drain field where the soil further treats the contaminants in the water.

United Sewer & Drain has over 30 years of experience and have the knowledge, equipment and talented staff to see you through routine septic pumping, septic service/repair or new septic system installs.

Septic Pumping

Slower flow rates, foul odors and system backups are all signs you’re in need of a septic tank pumping.   Regular pumping of your septic system is required to steer clear of clogs or large scale repairs.   Our very capable vacuum trucks arrive to your property and clean out your septic tank.   This can be followed up with a video inspection or cleaning via hydrojet – all services that help prevent any buildup or problems, thus prolonging the life of your septic system.      Pumping schedule variables include: septic tank size, amount of wastewater & quantity of solids in the system.

Septic Installations

United Sewer & Drain installs new septic tanks and complete septic systems.   Call & consult with one of our septic experts to have a site visit to determine the right systems for your commercial or residential property.    We have worked with most brands and know the pro’s and con’s of each and can steer you in the right direction for lower maintenance and best options for your budget. United Sewer & Drain is NEHA certified (National Environmental Health Association) to install any advanced treatment system on the market. United Sewer & Drain Service has wonderful relationships with top engineering firms if your project requires engineering. When choosing us to install your new septic tank or complete system you’ll be happy to know we do not need any outside contractors as we handle all phases with our own staff & equipment: from excavation to site cleanup we have you covered.

Septic Clean / Service / Inspection

United Sewer & Drain Service is certified through the PSMA ( Pennsylvania Septate management Association) to perform complete sewer & septic Inspections  and will provide a Detailed report of our findings. This service is essential in providing transparency in all real estate transactions. Our field service experts can come to do a video inspection of your septic system to check that it has been properly maintained.   If service is needed the inspection will detail the problem area.    Our hydrojetting service will allow the tech to clear any debris in your system or pipes leading to drain field.    We can then properly service your system replacing any parts (including the baffles which act to separate the materials in your wastewater) and make informed decisions based on a clean & clear view of the system from the inside.  If you’ve experienced clogs, backups or foul odors – these are signs your septic service may need more attention & might be in need of a repair (best to do it now before it gets worse).   Regular pumping and cleaning avoids larger repairs and possible replacement of your septic system.

Our Septic Services (Cleaning, Installation, Excavation, Inspection, Pumping & Repair) are available to our complete service area including (NY): Rockland County, Orange County & Sullivan County.   We service New Jersey clients in the following counties: Bergen, Sussex & Passaic