Hydrojet Flushing

Hydrojet Flushing2019-06-07T02:17:30-04:00

Using the power of water jetting – our hydrojet services clear obstructions from your sewer and septic pipes – assuring a proper flow of waste water through your sewer or septic systems.  Our top-of-the-line hydrojets are equipped with specialty heads that allow our field experts to cut through the most commonly occurring obstructions: grease, sludge & debris.

Hydrojetting allows for a clearing power (4000 psi) that could not be achieved with just cabling a pipe as was done in the past.    You wouldn’t believe how the hydrojetting process can clear tree roots and other blockages by cutting them down in size with the sheer power of pressurized water.

A byproduct of the hydrojetting services we offer is that not only does it clear and dislodge problem areas – it also cleans the inside of your pipes of sludge & silt – maximizing flow and minimizing need for costly repairs.

Our hydrojet tools range in size and force – allowing us success in working with everything from residential lines to larger commercial / industrial systems.

United Sewer & Drain technicians utilize Hydrojetting & Video Camera Inspections to catch small problems in your systems before they become larger and more costly.    To find out more about our pricing and availability for these services give us a call – speak with our knowledgeable staff to find out the right services for your needs.