Greasetrap Cleaning in Stony Point

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Stony Point Restaurants… United Sewer & Drain provides the area’s top greasetrap service including:

  • Greasetrap Cleaning
  • Greasetrap Installation
  • Greasetrap Pumping
  • Grease Trap Service

Allow the trained professionals to clean/pump your grease traps along with inspecting your system for problems.   We also make it a point to suggest a cleaning and maintenance schedule to boost the efficiency & lifespan of your grease trap system.  Don’t allow your lack of greasetrap cleanings & repairs to jeopardize your business with shut downs, backup smells or overflow/drainage problems.

Do what you do best — making great food… and allow the techs at United Sewer & Drain to manage the cleaning, repair and maintenance of your greasetrap system.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Stony Point

We look forward to the opportunity to visit your restaurant & clean your grease traps & jet your lines to assure the proper functioning of your grease management system.   Without proper pumping & maintenance the failure of your system will gradually occur, as grease will build up & block proper flow through the lines.  Dont put your business (and customers) in jeopardy by not providing the best conditions in your kitchen possible — while avoiding problems with local authorities who make sure you abide by local laws & regulations.   

Stony Point

Ask the experts @ US&D to start cleaning & maintaining your greasetraps…

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