Greasetrap Cleaning in Monticello NY

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Monticello NY Restaurants… United Sewer & Drain offers the area’s top greasetrap service including:

  • Greasetrap Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Installation
  • Grease Trap Pumping
  • Greasetrap Service

Allow the trained professionals of US&D to clean & pump your grease traps along with inspecting your grease system for problem areas.   We also make it a point to suggest a cleaning and maintenance schedule to boost the efficiency and lifespan of your grease trap system.  Do not allow your lack of grease trap cleanings & repairs to jeopardize your business with shut downs, greasetrap backup smells or overflow/drainage issues.

Do what you do best — making great meals… and allow the techs at United Sewer & Drain to manage the cleaning, repair and maintenance of your grease trap systems.

GreaseTrap Cleaning in Monticello NY

We look forward to the chance to visit your restaurant & clean your grease traps & jet your lines to assure the proper functioning of your grease system.   Without proper pumping & maintenance the failure of your system will definitely occur, as grease will build up and block proper flow through the lines.  Do not put your restaurant (and customers) in jeopardy by not providing the best conditions in your kitchen possible — while avoiding problems with local authorities who make sure you adhere to local laws & regulations.   

Monticello NY

Allow the experts at US&D to start cleaning & maintaining your grease traps…

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