Grease Traps

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Grease Traps or Grease Interceptors catch grease and solids before entering your wastewater system (septic or sewer).  While those systems can withstand some grease intake – greasetraps maximize the time between repairs and replacement for your wastewater system.   Grease traps catch grease in a series of “baffles” that do the job of separating FOG (fats, oil  & grease) from water headed for your sewer or septic tank.  Grease and oil float to the top of a greasetrap while solids drop to the bottom of the trap – thus allowing a continuous flow of water through the system.  Therefore a full or nearly full greasetrap does little to stop the grease from flowing with the water.

Grease Trap Cleaning / Grease Trap Pumping

Greasetraps should be cleaned every few months (and more frequently for busier operations).  The rule of thumb is that if your greasetrap is 25% or more full of solids/grease you should have it cleaned/pumped. Foul smells, trap damage and clogs are all symptomatic of a trap in bad need of a cleaning/pumping.  If you are experiencing any foul odors or slow slow of water through your trap it’s time to give us a call.

The field service technicians at United Sewer & Drain can help you determine a proper maintenance/cleaning schedule of your greasetraps based on the levels of solids/grease found in your system at the time of cleaning/pumping.

Grease Trap Service

When you get clogs in the lines from your kitchen to your grease trap – call the professionals at United Sewer & Drain to have the lines inspected, hydrojetted and cleared of debris and problems.    A properly cleaned and scheduled maintenance will avoid large-scale problems and costly bills for repair of your grease trap system.   Always feel free to contact us to discuss any changes you have planned for your grease traps.  Proper maintenance will avoid any future plumbing issues with your trap and steer you clear of emergency repair shutdowns and possible local violations.

Grease Trap Installation

For new locations/construction and relocations – United Sewer & Drain is the company of choice to call for new Grease Trap Installations.    Having serviced so many systems over the years from different manufacturers and designed various ways – we know the strengths and weaknesses of each.   We can assist you in choosing the right grease trap system for your location and expected traffic flow.

US&D’s Grease Trap services (Cleaning, Installation & Pumping ) are brought to our New York customers in the following areas: Rockland, Orange & Sullivan County and in New Jersey: Bergen, Sussex & Passaic County.