Sewer Line & Septic System Excavation

With 30 years of experience and all of the right tools for the job – United Sewer & Drain provides excavation services to residential and commercial clients needing site prep for sewer, septic and water installations.    Excavation is one project where it pays to use a quality company that stands behind their work, works in a clean fashion and has excellent communication/customer skills.  One small mistake on an excavating job can cost the homeowner thousands in repairs – United Sewer & Drain avoids these potential problems by properly locating all services near the work site and utilizing their experience & the best tools available.

  • New Construction
  • Septic Systems
  • Sewer & Water Hookups
  • Relocation/Repair of Existing Services

United Sewer & Drain handles all phases of the sewer/septic excavating project so there is no miscommunication or multiple subcontractors on the job site.    We work professionally, keep your site looking the way you want it and perform our work with your budget in mind.   If you need a trench dug or have septic or sewer lines that need to be installed or moved call the experts at United today.

Trenchless Repairs

Utilizing the latest technical advances – we strive to achieve all repairs without “breaking ground” where possible using trenchless repair methods.  Using video camera inspection of your lines along with locating problem areas we are able to do some repairs via pipe lining and pipe bursting – methods that allow for repair from within the pipe.    If you’re in need of a repair have one of our experts check it out and see what options are available to you.

Both pipe lining and pipe bursting start with a video inspection of the trouble area – in which we use a high definition camera to view inside the pipe checking for issues including: breaks, cracks or corrosion.  The area is then hydrojetted to remove any blockages and clear the area for repair.  Pipe lining (also referred to as CIPP, cured in place pipelining) fixes problem areas with an epoxy coated tube that is affixed to the area from the inside of the pipe.  Pipe bursting employs a method whereby a new stretch of pipe is put into the damaged area by breaking the old one simultaneously from the inside.   Some minor excavation work in the affected area is required after pipe bursting.

Both trenchless repair methods are available to our commercial and residential customers saving them the expense of a full excavation of the area and the repair work necessary afterward to landscaping, parking lot, etc.   These repairs of sewer/septic lines generally take 1 day to complete, though other factors may cause further work to be completed before/after the immediate repair job.

Our Excavation Services (for sewer excavation & septic) are available to our clients in the following service areas: NEW YORK: Rockland, Orange & Sullivan County.   New Jersey: Bergen, Sussex & Passaic