Camera Inspections

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Video Camera Inspections for sewers, pipes & drains can see whats happening inside the lines without expensive digging up of the ground.  For commercial and residential clients this keeps expenses low while still getting to the “root” of the problem (roots are often the problem!).   A video inspection camera (flexible wire with video camera on end) is inserted into the line and checks for problems/obstructions. Once the video camera has inspected the line and pinpointed the location of the problem we can often repair it with minimal damage to your property.

Sewer Camera Inspections can help diagnose anything from objects in the line, damage from outside work, nature-caused damage (roots, etc) or other unforeseen issues that can cause your sewer/septic lines problems & clogs.

Video camera inspections assist our expert underground pipe technicians to better locate issues from within the system (septic/sewer/etc).    United uses the high definition video camera inspection equipment for a clearer view lending itself to better solutions.

  • Broken / Collapsed Pipes
  • Line Clogs & Their Causes
  • Pipe Corrosion
  • Disconnected Pipes

After a Video Camera Inspection – the experts at United Sewer & Drain  will review the results and offer solutions/advice to restore proper functionality to your sewer/septic system.   Your budget and time are always taken into account by our friendly & courteous staff.